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Remuneration for the provision of legal services is governed primarily by an agreement between the client and the lawyer.

The basic method of remuneration is the hourly rate of a lawyer. The unit of account is 1/4 hour.

Prices are without value added tax.

Price list

Introductory consultation

An initial consultation of up to 30 minutes is provided free of charge. Here, the lawyer will assess the most appropriate procedure and agree with the client on further cooperation.

Hour rate

Further co-operation is usually carried out on the basis of the lawyer's hourly rate and the legal service hours actually paid.

At the end of the agreed period, the lawyer will always provide an overview of the legal service and then issue a tax document. Remuneration is normally paid in cash, unless another method of payment is agreed.

The remuneration does not include the relevant rate of value added tax.

from CZK 2,000 for civil law

from CZK 2,500 for corporate law

Flat fee

In the case of expected long-term cooperation, the client and the lawyer will agree on a flat fee for a calendar month.

This form of remuneration is always more advantageous for clients, as the amount of remuneration is calculated with a 25% discount compared to the hourly rate of a lawyer.

from CZK 5,000 per month

Flat fee for clients in the area of housing cooperatives and SVJ

We have prepared a special offer of legal services for clients from housing cooperatives and SVJ, which will enable the chairmen of these entities to effectively use the services of a law firm.

The amount of remuneration is calculated in accordance with the possibilities of housing cooperatives and SVJ.

from CZK 3,000 per month

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