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Advice to debtors

We offer legal advice and an assessment of whether the use of the legal option of debt relief is possible in your case and under what conditions. Alternatively, we will prepare an insolvency petition for you in conjunction with a petition for debt relief, including the relevant annexes.

We will evaluate your situation and propose the optimal solution, we will represent you in communication with creditors regarding the actual amount of your debts and possible negotiations on their payment.

We provide advice to debtors whose reorganization is possible during the reorganization itself and the compilation of a reorganization plan. Our services include a comprehensive assessment of the intended restructuring, including the design of an optimal solution from a legal and economic point of view. We will prepare all documents related to the restructuring, including contracts for the transfer of assets, or documents for the legal transformation of the companies concerned. We are also able to provide assistance in the preparation of general meetings and resolutions of decision-making bodies on restructuring.

Insolvency law

Advice to creditors

We provide complete legal advice to creditors at all stages of insolvency proceedings, including their representation in related disputes and proceedings.

We provide creditors with legal advice in matters of negotiations in creditor bodies and in negotiations with the debtor on the method of resolving bankruptcy.

Our services include both the actual application of claims in insolvency proceedings and the representation of creditors in incidental disputes. In the framework of legal advice, we will help with the evaluation of the given situation, whether the recovery of the claim in insolvency proceedings pays off or not.

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If you are interested in offering legal services in the area of insolvency and need advice on resolving the situation, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or chat.

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