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Real estate

We offer complete legal services related to the acquisition and transfer of ownership of real estate and other material rights to them. It is also a matter of course to determine the legal and actual condition of the real estate (due diligence), including the possible provision of an expert estimate of the real estate price.

We provide a full service for clients from real estate agencies, property managers and municipalities. This consists mainly in the preparation and drafting of contracts for future purchase contracts, purchase contracts for real estate, apartments and non-residential premises, including the preparation of mortgage agreements. Part of the legal services is also legal advice in dealing with the client's customers.
client. It is a matter of course to provide legal custody as one of the safest forms of financing the transfer of real estate.

Real estate and property law

Property law

We offer a complete legal service for associations of unit owners and housing associations. As part of our legal services, we provide advice on the conduct of members of the statutory body, the management of SVJ or cooperatives, the enforcement of their claims, the revision of contractual documentation and negotiations with members of SVJ or cooperatives. Our services also include matters of construction law, such as changes to units and common areas or the construction of an apartment building, as well as the preparation of assessments for the management of the property of a cooperative or SVJ.

In terms of housing law, we also deal with the rights of tenants to landlords and vice versa, especially when negotiating rents and finding the optimal balance between the interests of stakeholders.

Legal service for housing cooperatives and homeowners' associations

Based on long-term cooperation with clients from housing cooperatives and associations of homeowners and major entities providing property management, our law firm has a special offer of advantageous cooperation for housing cooperatives and associations of homeowners.

The offer is based on the needs of housing cooperatives and associations of unit owners, where it is very often necessary for the statutory body to have legal support in resolving ordinary and unusual matters in the performance of the function.

  • flat monthly payment in the amount of CZK 3,000 + VAT;

  • the monthly flat rate includes legal advice for a total of 3 hours of legal service;

  • the accounting unit is 15 min;

  • in case of exceeding the monthly flat rate, another legal service is charged for a reduced rate of CZK 1,500 + VAT per hour of legal service;

The statutory body is entitled at any time to turn to a law firm to resolve legal matters without fear of unforeseen costs. The hourly rate is less than half the normal hourly rate, the reduced rate is at the level of two thirds of the lawyer's hourly rate.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact Mgr. Michalea Šatylova to discuss the next steps with you.

To simplify your work, it is also possible to solve the matter electronically. At the link below you will find the order form, which you just need to fill out, print and email to our office. We will then contact you. By signing the order form and its subsequent confirmation by our office, a contract for the provision of legal services will be concluded.

We look forward to further cooperation.

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If you are interested in offering legal services in the field of real estate, you need advice on property management or transfer them, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or chat.

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