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insolvency administrator

Since 2007

Onheiser Miechová advokátní kancelář, sro is a law firm with a long tradition of providing legal services in the Czech Republic. It was originally created by concluding a partnership between JUDr. Vlasta Houdková and JUDr. Jan Onheiser and subsequently the entry of a new partner Mgr. Ing. Ivona Miechová. The result of this cooperation is the expansion of the areas of legal services provided to the law firm's clients, especially in the areas of insolvency, commercial and civil law. Other areas of legal services include crisis management, insolvency proceedings, real estate law and housing law.
Last but not least, our law firm also deals with criminal law. The philosophy of our office, on which the foundations of cooperation with clients are built, lies mainly in the personal contact of the lawyer with the client.

Náš tým


JUDr. Jan Onheiser

Advokát, partner

Ve své praxi se zaměřuje především na obchodněprávní závazky, právo obchodních společností a trestní právo. Poskytuje právní porady ve sporné agendě a zastupuje klienty soudních a jiných řízeních.

Jeho specializace je právo platebních institucí.


Mgr. Ing Ivona Miechová

Advokát, partner,
insolvenční správce

Ve své praxi se zaměřuje na veškeré právní služby související s insolvenčním řízením, a to jak právní poradu dlužníkům tak i věřitelům.

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Mgr. Michael Šatylov


Jeho specializací je zastupování klientů ve všech druzích soudních sporů. Ve své praxi se zaměřuje především na incidenční spory související s insolvenčním řízením. Věnuje se také obhajobě v trestních věcech.

Other collaborators


JUDr. Monika Šnoblová

JUDr. Monika Šnoblová is a lawyer and has long focused on the legal issues of real estate, property rights and civil law, including family law.

Mgr. Petr Vyšanský

Mgr. Petr Vyšanský has long focused on the legal issues of real estate, rights in rem and civil law.

External consultants

JUDr. Vlasta Houdková

JUDr. Vlasta Houdková specializes mainly in crisis management law and insolvency law. Until recently, she worked as a lawyer and insolvency administrator. After completing his active practice, today she provides her valuable experience as our external consultant.

Face to face from the comfort of the office

Modern times allow us to meet without the client leaving the comfort of their office or home. On the agreed date, we will send you an invitation to join the online conference room, where we will discuss all your issues.

Why the sea?

JUDr. Jan Onheiser is not only engaged in advocacy, but he is a professional sailor. He has been sailing for over ten years and has reached the level of RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, which is one of the highest yachting qualifications.


He is also a yachting instructor at the Royal Yachting Association in Great Britain and an examination commissioner at the Maritime Authority at the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.


Cruises can be watched on the website



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