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Labor law

We offer complete legal services related to the acquisition and transfer of ownership of real estate and other material rights to them. It is also a matter of course to determine the legal and actual condition of the real estate (due diligence), including the possible provision of an expert estimate of the real estate price.

We provide a full service for clients from real estate agencies, property managers and municipalities. This consists mainly in the preparation and drafting of contracts for future purchase contracts, purchase contracts for real estate, apartments and non-residential premises, including the preparation of mortgage agreements. Part of the legal services is also legal advice in dealing with the client's customers.
client. It is a matter of course to provide legal custody as one of the safest forms of financing the transfer of real estate.

Other areas of legal services

Criminal Law

We will provide our clients with full legal advice in the event of their criminal prosecution. When representing the client from the very beginning of his criminal prosecution, we are able to effectively set the defense strategy so that the whole matter turns out to be as good as possible for the client.

Intellectual property law

Our legal services also include advice on intellectual property matters, especially in the field of trademarks, including representation before a competent authority. We also advise our clients in the area of ​​providing licenses for intangible assets and in the area of ​​copyright.

Contact us

If you are interested in offering legal services in one of the areas listed here or others, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or chat.

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